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about us

MSS is a full-service market research agency. We design, implement and deliver all types of research projects; qualitative and quantitative, b2b and b2c.

MSS has been providing data and insights to a wide range of market sectors for over 40 years.


your market our research expertise

Marketing research is not just the collection of data, it is an evaluative and interpretive process.

MSS provides clearer insight into your market by taking a different view, giving you the wider perspective to aid your business decisions.

We combine our expertise with an extensive range of research techniques and analysis tools to bring you the most penetrating insights into your market.

MSS designs the most appropriate research project to meet your objectives for your market, including: U&A studies, customer satisfaction, NPD, advertising pre-testing, campaign tracking, customer profiling and customer segmentation.


design & deliver

We offer a full range of qualitative and quantitative research techniques.

  • CATI (telephone interviews)

  • Consultancy

  • Data processing

  • Depth interviews

  • Focus groups

  • Hall tests

  • Home, street and exit interviews

  • Mystery customer visits/calls

  • Online and postal surveys


interpretation & evaluation

Once we have analysed the data, we interpret the results and deliver conclusions and recommendations in a clear and inspiring verbal presentation.